In these difficult times from a health point of view and beyond, Diaverum has never stopped guaranteeing continuity of care for its patients and support for its employees.

This critical scenario has not limited Diaverum in the continuous search for ways and solutions to increase the quality of the care provided. This is how ideas and projects born with a single goal: to improve the Quality of Life of our patients!

Quality of Life is precisely the name of the online survey that Diaverum has built to evaluate how dialysis affects the life of our patients, the everyday difficulties, and limitations. The survey consists of 25 questions, ranging from health condition, awareness, and knowledge of kidney disease and how much it affects daily life.

All the information provided will be confidential, will be scored and analysed together with the scores of the quality of the dialysis and the results of clinical examinations. The perfect synergy of these scores will allow Diaverum clinical staff to have a vision as complete and detailed as possible, of the patient health condition, and to react accordingly with targeted and personalized care treatments.

It will be essential to join this initiative, for the absolute added value it can represent for the patient care plan and quality of life. Our staff will be always available to support, the access to the survey will be easily done in our centres during the dialysis treatment, and it will take only 15 minutes.

The new smartphone application D. Care fits perfectly into this vision of great attention to patients. The mobile app, in use since January 2021 in our clinics in Diaverum Italy, is having a great success. Using a common smartphone, nowadays part of our life, D. Care allows our patients to access all the data related to dialysis, to all medical prescriptions and to the results of all clinical examination carried out, making patients the real protagonists of their treatment plan.

All this is what makes Diaverum a point of reference for its patients!

Massimo Fontò - Nursing & Quality Manager Diaverum Italy

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