1. Mrs. Gigli, you have recently joined the Diaverum Italian Management team; can you tell us a little about your professional past?

After graduating from law school, I discovered the world of HR in a completely random way, helping a roommate of mine to study for an exam called ”organization and human resources management”. From there a love story with this profession began, which I first deepened by attending a master's degree at the Luiss Business School and with a series of work experiences, of which the most important and longest (lasting 14 years ), was in Fox Networks Group, where I had the opportunity to work not only for Italy, but also for Germany, and to visit the Corporate offices in New York for a few months.

After leaving Fox I lived a year in full pandemic in the online gaming sector, and from April 20, right on my birthday (!) I made myself this beautiful gift: I landed in the world of Diaverum, a super challenging reality that is giving me the opportunity to meet and appreciate a series of professionals who work every day with great passion and which makes me proud to be part of a system that takes care of people in this way.


2. Could you go into a little more detail about which activities you are involved in?

My team and I follow everything that concerns the people who work in Diaverum: from the selection phase to that of management and development, from corporate culture to internal communication. We are business partners of the various functions, with the aim that each person can always be valued and can feel that this is the right place to work.


3. What is your idea of ​​Diaverum since you arrived? Is there anything that struck you in particular?

In these months in Diaverum I have realized that I am right where I wanted to be: a place where space is given to the desire for continuous improvement, where there are people who have taken this job as a real life mission, and put their heart into it everyday.


4. What is your vision for the future?

I would like the HR function to be perceived by everyone as a function that cares for its people just like our doctors, our nurses and all the clinic staff take care of our patients. The goal is to bring the culture of True Care to life at all levels, in every activity and in every initiative.


5. Would you like to tell us something about your private life?

For 7 and a half years now the first word that defines me is "mom": I have two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Beatrice, who have literally turned my life upside down since they arrived, starting from the fact that I no longer have the same sleeping space in my bed.

I have Apulian blood that flows inside me: born and lived up to 18 years in a small town in the province of Taranto, as soon as I can I look out into my one and only sea, which I love so much that I praised it even while I was soaking in Cuba’s sea or Thailand.

I like pizza, sushi and ice cream, I like Instagram stories and real sunsets without filters, I like taking planes and shopping (online and live), I like masserie and I like Christmas, I would like to have a dog and living in the country, but I don't like tomatoes and artichokes and I have a phobia for flying insects.

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