A journey that lasted 8 months, during which we listened to our Head Nurses, understood their needs and built an ad hoc training path to support them in their work.

In June, after a 8-months path, the training course dedicated to our Head Nurse came to an end.

The Head Nurse is the reference person in all clinics and plays a key role in management, collaboration and creation of the right spirit of the whole nursing team. For this reason we decided to invest in everyone's development through a targeted and dedicated path: only if we take care of our people, we'll be able to take care of our patients in the best possibile way.

It all started last autumn, with a moment of listening: through interviews we tried to understand the point of view of our collegues, their needs and difficulties, identify the added value of each of them, in order to structure a training course that could really support them, helping them to recognize their strengths and areas of improvement, through their role awareness.

During these months we have worked a lot together, and in June we held the final step. The closure of this training course has been divided in two days. The first day, after an update on corporate strategies, we have brainstormed on the starting and arrival point of this journey together, looking for the right image that could represent it. We are definitely proud of the outcome: all pictures were future-oriented, expressing support and hands stretched towards one another and in all directions.

The next day, in Rome city centre, between the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere, we have all been involved, both the Head Nurses and the headquarters staff, in a treasury hunt, in an attempt to “foil a conspiracy ""along the streets of our charming historic center. This initiative has strengthened the sense of belonging and it has been widely appreciated as an opportunity for team building, allowing everyone to collaborate in an atmosphere of great serenity practicing in reality the values ​​of our True Care: inspiration, passion and competence. The ""La Lupa" team win but all the others fought with tenacity until the last attempt! The prospect is that this path has just been the first step, we will not stop here: we will continue to walk hand in hand, always feeling part of a great reality, that of Diaverum.

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