Diaverum Italia has more than 25 years of experience in the field of dialysis, providing life enhancing renal care to approximately 1300 patients. Recently we have completely renovated our Marsala clinic, located in Via Francesco Crispi 86 bis.

Daniela Rallo, Medical Director, explains the services offered: "We provide home care, preventive treatments, hemodialysis, dialysis on vacation and we guarantee the excellence of the treatment and the best possible care. In Marsala we have totally expanded and renovated our clinic, and today  we offer additional services to patients, such as cardiological consultancy, consultancy for vascular access, nutritional advice and assistance in the delicate path that is inclusion in the waiting list for kidney transplantation. The Diaverum clinic in Marsala dialyzes about 40 patients every day, divided into four shifts.

Furthermore, in the Marsala clinic there is a totally free nephrological ambulatory for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. Therefore Marsala clinic represents an important point of reference for the entire territory of Marsala, collaborating actively with the hospital and supporting general practitioners in the care of renal patients.

Like in all Diaverum clinics, in the Marsala center is active the d.HOLIDAY service, the Diaverum holiday dialysis program that allows patients to dialysis in any Diaverum clinic in the world.


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